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H.E. Dr Adeela Hammood Hussein Al-Aboody

H.E. Dr Adeela Hammood Hussein Al-Aboody
  • name: H.E. Dr Adeela Hammood Hussein Al-Aboody
  • Organization: Ministry of Health and Environment
  • post: Minister
  • email: abm @
  • information :

    Alternate Board Member

    Curriculum Vitae

    Name; Adela Humood Hussain Al Aboody

    Marital status:  Married

    No. of Children:  2

     Place and Date of Birth: Baghdad 1967

    Scientific Degrees:

    • MBChB/ Baghdad /1991-1992
    • Gyn&Obs. Diploma Degree /Baghdad College of Medicine/ 1998-1999
    • Arabic Board in Gyn&Obs (CABOG). 1999-2000

    Experience and Work

    Resident doctor in Medical City compound 1992-1994

    • Senior  Doctor /Baghdad Health Directorate 1994-1995
    • Specialist doctor / Yemen Republic 2000-2002
    • Specialist Doctor /Maysan Health Directorate 1/8/2002 till work in Iraqi Parliament committee in 16/03/2006
    • Head of  Health & environment committee in Maysan governorate committee 1/1/2004- 15/03/2005
    • Member of Iraqi parliament (the 1st round) and representative of Maysan Governorate /Health and Environment committee member.
    • Member of Iraqi Parliament (2nd round), representative of Maysan governorate, Rapporteur of Foreign relation affairs /Head of Iraqi –Iranian friendship committee.
    • Member of Iraqi parliament for the current round /Representative of Maysan Governorate.


    Conferences, symposiums, Training workshops, and appreciations         (certificates)

    • Participation in Maysan medical 6th conference  15-16/2012
    • Participation in the Drug policy workshop ,organized in cooperation with WHO 20-21/6/2007
    • Member in the study committee that prepared a document about health situation in Iraq , and participation in the 1st National conference about Health System in Iraq ,organized by MOH in cooperation with Iraqi Parliament  for the period 20-21/06/2008
    • Participation in the National conference to discuss the Health Visitor Program/to bring orientation about Maysan Directorate of health experience in this regard in 24/07/2008
    • Participation in the 25th session of the international Nairobi Ministerial environmental forum in Kenya from 16-20/02/2009
    • Participation in different workshops , trainings and symposiums inside and outside the country (Iraq) regarding different important topics and including mainly ;
    • The E-Health ,
    •  Strategic Planning ,
    • legislation inspection and phrasings ,
    • committee work,
    • women leadership and heading committees,
    •  media interviews
    •  NGOS work and other activities.
    • Work visits to many regional and global countries to explore and have idea about the functions and activities of their parliament and health system, including countries like Egypt/Cairo, Kuwait, Turkey, Iran, Britain, Romania; Azerbaijan; Bulgaria and Pakistan.
    • Awarded the Distinguished Women Award in Science in the Region of Middle east and North Africa on Behalf of Iraq .the Award is offered by United State Foreign Affairs for the Year 2013