• nameMohsen Asadi-Lari
  • OrganizationIran University of Medical Sciences
  • postProfessor of Epidemiology
  • emailbm @ emrc-tgf.org
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Alternate Board Member 

Dr Mohsen Asadi-Lari MD, PhD



With more than 30 years of experience in public health at national and international levels, Dr Asadi-Lari has served his country, region and beyond in combating communicable diseases, public health emergencies, non-communicable diseases and health diplomacy in different capacities. As a professor of epidemiology, he has trained and supervised more than 200 postgraduate students, led several national studies such as Urban HEART, and contributed in many national and international research projects. In his previous position as the Acting Minister for International Affairs, Ministry of Health and Medical Education (2013-2021), he built up a strong collaboration with the health sectors of more than 90 countries, while playing an important role in the WHO at regional and global levels, and as a Board Member of the Global Fund from 2015 to 2022, he was responsible for coordinating regional and international activities for the Fund.


Educational background:

  1. PhD in Cardiovascular Epidemiology and Public Health; The University of Nottingham, July 2000 – March 2004
  2. Fellowship in Palliative Care, Warwick, UK, Feb 2004-May 2006
  3. MPH course, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, 1997-1999
  4. Doctorate in Medicine, University of S Beheshti- Tehran, 1985-1993
  5. High school diploma, Tehran, 1985


Experience in International Organizations:

  1. Board Member, The Global Fund (March 2015-2022)
  2. Member of Executive Board, WHO, HQ, Oct 2013-May 2015
  3. Acting Minister for International Affairs, MHME, 2013-2022
  4. Member of Programme Sub-Committee, WHO EMRO, 2017-2020
  5. Member of (national) UNDAF steering committee (coordination of UN agencies): 2013-2021
  6. Vice Chair of Executive Board, WHO, HQ, Jan 2014
  7. Vice Chair of Committee B, World Health Assembly (WHA-67), May 2014
  8. Vice Chair of Committee B, World Health Assembly (WHA-69), May 2015
  9. Member of CCM, GF: 2013 onward
  10. Chair, EMR Constituency Meeting, Khartum, Sudan (2015), Tehran, 2016, Kish Island (Dec 2017), Tunis (2018),


Professional background:

  1. Medical practice 1990-2000
  2. Head of rural health care centre, Southern Iran, 1994-1995
  3. Expert in rural health care system, Iranian Ministry of Health, 1995-2000
  4. Financial manager of the Iranian PHC centre, Iranian Ministry of Health, 1996-1998
  5. Deputy Director General, PHC centre, Iranian Ministry of Health, 1996-1998
  6. Executive Advisor, Under-Secretary for Public Health, Iranian Ministry of Health, Oct 1998-Jan 2000
  7. PhD Researcher, Queen’s Medical Centre, University of Nottingham: Jan 2000- Aug 2004
  8. Public Health Assistant, Nottingham City Primary Care Trust (PCT), NHS, Nottingham: Aug 2004- March 2005
  9. Senior Research Fellow, Warwick Medical School, Coventry, Feb 2005- May 2006
  10. Assistant Professor in Epidemiology & Public Health, Iran University of Medical School (IUMS), and Tehran University of Medical Sciences; May 2006-June 2011
  11. Associate Professor, Department of Epidemiology, IUMS; June 2011- Feb 2017
  12. Professor, Department of Epidemiology, IUMS; March 2017 onward
  13. Member of Health Studies Committee, Tehran Municipality, 2007-2010
  14. Head, Oncopathology Research Centre, IUMS, May 2007 onward
  15. Director of International Office, IUMS, Oct 2008-Oct 2010
  16. Director of Knowledge Translation and Exchange (KTE) Office, TUMS, 2010- 2013
  17. Member of national death registration committee, MHME, Jan 2012 onward
  18. Member of Tehran Health Strategic Council, 2010-2014
  19. Member of National NCD Secretariat, 2015 onward
  20. Member of SDH National Committee, 2014 onward
  21. Principle Coordinator: Afghan Safe Motherhood Project, 2015-2018