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EMR Constituency meeting in Skopje (BM39)

12 May 2018   22:18   news   23 visit   0 comments

EMR members and representatives gathered on May 8 in Skopje to talk about some main board desicions including CCM evolution, Eligibility Policy, Countries in Crisis, and the situation in DPRK.

Initially participants introduced themeselves, then Dr AsadiLari  asked Dr Thamer Al-Hilfi to provide a suammry of pre-board discussions. Then he asked participants to share their concerns about each topic.

The discussions were summaraized to be used as official EMRC statements during the board sessions.

Participants list:

  • Dr Mohsen Asadi-Lari (Board member - Iran)
  • Dr Thamer Al-Hilfi (Alternate BM -  Iraq)
  • Mr Naveed Kamran Baloch (Pakistan)
  • Dr Sajid Ahmad (Pakistan)
  • Dr Mohamed Chakroun (Tunisia)
  • Mr Abdulwahid Wafajoo (Afghanistan)
  • Dr Sara Osman (Sudan)
  • Dr Abdalla Osman (SC vice-chair - Sudan)
  • Mr Yussuf Mohamed (Somalia)
  • Dr Hoda Atta (WHO EMRO)
  • Dr Omid Zamani (CFP)

The following statements were drafted for board meeting delibeations:

on Elligibility Criteria:

Our constituency appretiates the efforts spent in this regard, yet we are sharing our concern with the ED ragarding countries in crisis which are not elligible in spite of the evidence provided on the morbidity of diseases and the economic condition of the countries.

In addition to to countries under crisis and challenging operating environments in our region, we hope that those issues to be considered and action to be taken. 

Libya for example according to the lates data by the World Bank in 2017 had a GDP deficit of 75% and inflation rate of 35% as indicators for economic status that were not considered during the past few years after revolution, by the Global Fund secretariat.

about ED annual report:

We really appreciate the hospitality of Macedonian government and on behalf of EMRC would like to commend the vision you raised regarding moving forward..

As a constituency we will take this opportunity to confirm our commitment to work together to achieve the SDGs and to consider the critical issues our region is facing specially countries under crisis and challenging operating environment.

Also we would like to echo the concern of Developing Countries NGOs Constituency regardibng Sustainability and transition to be a persistant topic for board meeting discussions. As discussed earlier we need a clear plan for sustainabilty and transition, for example what the graduated counries need for smooth access to affordable quality medicines, diagnostics, etc.

We need also comprehensive plans by the secretariat for strengthening CCMs and RCMs.

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