1st Technical Workshop of EMRC to be held

This workshop intends to provide stakeholders involved in the governance, oversight and implementation of Global Fund financed programs: Country Coordinating Mechanisms (CCMs) and National Program Managers across the Eastern Mediterranean (EM) Constituency a summary of practical experience in country dialogue, preparing Concept Notes for accessing funding under the Global Fund new funding model, Grant Management, Risk Management, Governance and Technical Assistance, as well as effective and tailored strategies for fund raising activities. Constituency members, technical and financial partners will present and share their experiences. Participants will also share lessons learned and provide valuable tips to countries about to embark on the process. The workshop is closely supported by the Global Fund Secretariat in collaboration with the EM Constituency Secretariat.

I. Main Objectives

The overarching goals of this workshop are:

  • Strengthen country programs to maximize impact and value for money
  • Share best practices among Implementers
  • Elaborate on the New Funding Model
  • Discuss resource mobilization strategies and learn best practices.

The immediate objectives include the following:

  1. Share approaches and best practices in grant/program management among Implementers and the Global Fund Secretariat
  2. Learn about the key elements of the new funding model process, from discussing national priorities, through the development and negotiation of funding requests, to grant implementation and oversight
  3. Learn about the Global Fund governance and its implications for constituencies and CCMs
  4. Share experiences and best practices with regard to Risk Management
  5. Identify possible technical assistance needs.

II. Methodology

The workshop will be divided into different sessions broadly organized in line with the objectives spelt out above. By and large, the workshop will follow the model of a multi-stakeholder dialogue aiming at: creating opportunities for building partnerships; reconciling top-down and bottom-up perspectives; and connecting the dots between cross-sectoral agendas and stakeholders. The workshop will consist of several plenary and discussion sessions—all covering different aspects of the Global Fund work. Prior to the workshop, an on-line process will be launched to seek contributions from different stakeholders in terms of short think pieces related to different issues will be sought. These will be consolidated, presented and used during the course of the meeting.


  • The first day of the workshop would be devoted to discussions on the new funding model applications and grant related issues.
  • The second day discussions would focus on Board and constituency related issues and a discussion on “Partnership Engagement, Resource Mobilization, and Advocacy” would also be made on the second day.
  • The third day will be dedicated to regional consultation before the next Board meeting.

The workshop will take place from 8 to 9 Sep 2015 in Khartoum, Republic of the Sudan. It will be followed by a pre-board meeting on Sep 10. Inauguration ceremony will be on Sep 7 during an evening reception.

The working hours of the meeting will be as follows: 8:00 to 13:00hrs and 14:00 to 17:00hrs. English will be the official language of the meeting but oral translation will be provided for French speaking delegates.



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