An "Indelible" Partnership

Abderrahim El Habachi, a 22-year old HIV activist, flew to Bangkok to attend last week's Partnership Forum to voice the concerns of key populations in his native Morocco. "The Global Fund has played a great role in supporting treatment and prevention of key populations in my country. I don't want to see this progress lost if the Global Fund leaves," he said. Abderrahim is part of Morocco's Country Coordinating Mechanism, and also a member of Y+, a global network of young people living with HIV.

"This has been a very enriching platform. I felt we were listened to. If the Global Fund takes seriously the voice of the youth it will become the Global Fund we all want." As a souvenir from the Partnership Forum, Abderrahim decided to get himself a tattoo in one of Bangkok's tattoo parlours, a message that would capture his spirit and that of his fellow activists. It reads: "A beginning, a fight and a victory." Abderrahim explains: "It all started as a beginning. Now I am in the middle of the fight. And I hope one day this will end as a victory." Abderrahim said he is proud of his tattoo. "My friend told me the best tattoo artists are in Thailand so I did it. I wanted something memorable, a message that would stay carved on my skin forever."


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