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Discussion about sustainability and transition, 3rd EMRC meeting

04 January 2018   10:13   news   350 visit   0 comments

Implementers Group are starting thinking that how they can explore the systematic ways for sustaining the programs implementation.

It was explained that a specific team was assigned to first assess the policy of sustainability, transition and co-financing, search and look into the all previous developed policies of the Global Fund to explore the probable gaps, they have also assessed that which of the countries are in phasing out plan of the donor support. The Global Fund Board Director expressed that the new eligibility criteria for attracting funding of the Global Fund will not only be counted based on the country GDP, but will consider the health expenditures and some other factors also.

Co-financing should be increased gradually in country level, CCM and country stakeholders should use their efforts, since the sustainability of the program is the country process and ownership.  

The Global Fund will encourage all the countries to talk early on sustainability and responsible transition. 

Different tools for oversight of the Global Fund grant are under development with classifying low income, high income and challenging operating environment. 

This was also indicated by the Global Fund Board Director that for transition and sustainability three approaches will be followed:

  1. Transition approach for the high income countries  

  2. Transition approach for the low income countries 

  3. Transitional approach for the countries under challenging environment, the eligibility criteria for GF grants will be through separate process. 


  • Recommendations:


Whereas, Macedonia CCM recently has completed the successful transition and phase out plan for the Global Fund Grant implementation, therefore, it was recommended by the meeting participants that in order to enhance the capacity of other countries and learn from the experiences of such a successful transition, Ms. Ana Filiporska, member of The Global Fund Board was asked to provide a workshop opportunity for EMRC member countries, To address the recommendation it was agreed that a pre- workshop for 1 day during the next Global Fund Board meeting will be organized tentatively in Macedonia.


It was recommended by Dr. Mohsen Asadi-Lari, the Mediterranean Constituency representative in the Global Fund that the Global Fund should provide further exposure visits, training and advocacy opportunities for the members’ countries in the region to advocate further on the sustainability, transitions and co-financing.  

Moreover, Mrs. Aida Kurtovic and Ms. Ana clearly asked for the documentation in respect of any case study for the three diseases in the member countries of EMRC related CCMs as recent statistics regarding status of fight ATM and challenges to be presented in May 2018 meeting of the GF board to convince Donors Community of the Global Fund to support more EMRC region CCMs. In order to perform the case study the Global Fund will be committed to provide financial support upon request. 

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