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Election process started for the new Board Member and Alternate within EMR Constituency

22 August 2017   11:55   news   421 visit   0 comments

The election process for the new Board Member and Alternate from Eastern Mediterranean Region Constituency has been started. The representatives will be elected among three candidates after a review of their CV and election statements by EMRC members, a video conference will be conducted to let the candidates deliver their personal views and interact with EMRC members, and finally voting through Email will be conducted.

The Candidates are:

- Dr Ahmadjan Naeem from Afghanistan

- Dr Mohsen AsadiLAri from Iran

- Dr Thamer Al-Hilfi from Iraq

The process is in line with the recently revised EMRC Governance Framework and Office of Baord Affairs and The Ethics and Governance Committee are also obseving this process.

Any inquiry in this regard should be sent to the Constituency Focal Point. cfp @ 


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