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Election Statement by Dr Thamer Al-Hilfi

29 August 2017   16:38   news   467 visit   0 comments

 Vision and Step forward in congruence with EMRC Governance frame works

As stated clearly in the Governance framework for EMRC, that each Constituency has permanent representatives at the Global Fund Board. The Board And that each Constituency may bring additional advisers or observers to Board Meetings, of ten is referred to as the Constituency delegation.

In case of being elected, I believe that and being among the team representing the Constituency (and beside serves as the voting member on the Board and who will be responsible to represent the position of the constituency in the Board Meetings and to cast a vote on all necessary Board Decisions) that our Constituency to get the technical and fund support it deserve for its members hard work, dedication and commitment.

There are a lot of challenges facing our countries specially those countries that are under challenging operating environment and there are at least 5-7 volatile zones where War is a common factor and had its negative burden on the quantity and quality of Health services provided beside other complications associated and including Gender, Human Rights.

In addition we are still far from achieving the Universal Health Coverage as a tool toward responding to the SDGs and mainly those related to health with its 13 targets and 26 indicators .adding to this the other SDGs which is intermingled and form around 56 indicators that we need to accomplish .

 From my humbled simple experience, we need to make sure that the priority needs of our constituency are heard and respond positively to.

In addition to governance point, we are in the process of building positive relationship with other constituencies who share us the vision and the objectives we are looking forward to accomplish.

Team work and team spirit should be the main drive that will ensure our success in our endeavour, where provision of services to our communities and with the best quality is our main drive.

I believe also that a lot of work needs to be continued regarding strengthening our EMRC and we need to listen more and engage more in a positive spirit to ensure more gain and success to our countries.

With the possibility of being elected from Not, I feel always that you all are an extension to our communities’ smiles and part of their happy days we are looking forward to see.


Prof .Thamer Alhilfi /



Recorded speech of Dr Al-Hilfi during the election online meeting is also attached

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