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EMR Board Member attended EECA meeting

07 November 2016   14:30   news   874 visit   0 comments

Dr Mohsen AsadiLari, the board member from EMR Constituency addressed the EECA meeting where he attended based on the invitation from the Board Member of EECA Constituency.

He explained about the importance of the collaboration between these two implementer constituencies and remarked about the history of these cooperation and mutual support.

Moreover he peoposed some activities for the next few months to enhance the momentum and depth of these collaborations.

Specificly he talked about the following topics in detail:

  1. Our constituencies share some common challenges and interests;
    1. sustainability and transition of some countries out of GF support,
    2. Challenging operational environments (Iraq, Syria vs Ukraine for example)
    3. common pattern of HIV transmission (IDU vs Sexual)
    4. part of the route for drug smuggling/distribution
    5. problem of MDR/XDR TB
    6. Access to ARV and other medicines,
    7. political/cultural similarities and interconnections
      1. sanctions against Iran and Russia for example
      2. weakness of Civil Society
      3. Knowledge, Attitudes, Believes and Practices of the people
    8. need for raising Implementers’ voice at the Board of GF
  2. The need for epidemiologic/geographical approach to control of 3 diseases rather than the current single country grant approach,  necessity of multi-country / multi-regional projects
    1. Cross-border distribution of diseases,
    2. Migration/displacement of key populations
    3. Shared risk pooling and mitigation
  3. Advocacy, Knowledge sharing and transfer
    1. Surveillance
    2. Sharing Best practices and lessons learned
    3. Mutual capacity building
    4. Using Common platforms/tools for advocacy and negotiation
  4. There has been a history of collaboration between the two constituencies;
    1. Coordination before & during recent Board Meetings (34th & 35th)
    2. Collaboration in Implementers group teams on different topics and board decisions
    3. Attendance of EECA BM/ABM in EMRC technical meetings in the past two years
    4. Supporting each other  in elections of board committees and other GF governance structures (for example voting for election of Natalia Nizova as the vice-chair of Implementers group)
  5. The willingness for further strengthening and expanding the partnership among our constituencies
    1. Establishment of joint working groups
    2. Sharing advocacy/KT tools, practices and joint statements/positions
    3. Joint research, studies and policy analyses
    4. Expanding networks among the civil society and academic institutions
    5. Establishment of knowledge hubs
    6. Pharmaceutical cooperation/joint ventures
    7. Joint investment and advocacy for inter-regional/ multi-country projects

Later on Dr Mohammad Mehdi Gouya expressed details of situation of TB, HIV and Malaria and the interconnection of these diseases with social and political situation within the two regions and readiness of Iran for joint projects and collaboration with neighbouring countries.

Finally Ms. Ana Filipovska, board member from EECA Constituency and Ms. Aida Kurtovic the vice-chair of the GF Board stressed about taking joint positions and practical steps toward expanding the partnership and collaboration between the two constituencies and in the Implementers Group Bloc at large.

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