EMRC pre-board BM48 meeting

The pre-board meeting of EMR Consituency was held in Acacia Room at GHC, Geneva. The participants were Dr Fakhr Alam from Pakistan, Dr Sara Osman and Dr Alaa Mudathir from Sudan, Dr Muhammad Akhtar from Afghanistan, Dr Asadilari and Dr Chakroun, the board member and the alternate, Ibrahim Faria Reagional Grant Manager and Max Muller, Goernance Specialist from GF Secretariat, Dr Omid Zamani, Constituency Focal Point and Dr Ali Nemati. Miso Pejkovic the new chair of Implementer's group also provided some updates on ImpG progress and plans.

The discussions were about the grants situation in the  region, challenges in implementation, governance issues and next election.

EMRC Meeting: 14 November


Agenda Item




Dr. Mohsen Asadi-Lari

Dr. Mohamed Chakroun


Reports of committees

Dr Sara Osman/ Dr Chakroun

15:50- 16:00

Imp.G. updates

Dr. Mišo  Pejković

16:00- 16:20

Governance updates

Maximilian Mueller


EMRC Situation (Portfolio (

Dr Ibrahim Faria


Update by countries

CCM delegates


 Reviewing EMRC Positions for BM48

CCM delegates

17:50 -18:00

Election Process for next BM/ABM

Dr Omid Zamani


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