EMRC pre-board BM49 meeting

The pre-board meeting of EMR Consituency was held in Business Center Room at Melia Hotel, Hanoi. The participants were Dr Hafiz Hammad Murtaza from Pakistan, Dr Omid Zamani and Dr Chakroun, the board member. Dr Mubasher Sheikh from WHO was the special guest and Dr Roy Wakim EMRC consultant joined virtually.. Dr Omid Zamani who attended Implementer's group meeting provided some updates on ImpG discussions and joint statement.

The discussions were about the grants situation in the  region, challenges in implementation, and risk issues.

After that the team participated in Frencophone Lunch where the discussions were about strengthening response to TB and Malaria interventions as well as COE policy implementation.

meeting with UNAIDS

A separate meeting with UNAIDS was also held where two ADGs from UNAIDS had discussions with EMRC BM and tream about the challenges. Dr Chakroun raised the concern of recent closure of UNAIDS EM regional support office and asked for sustained technical support for countries.



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