EMRC pre-board BM50 meeting

The pre-board meeting of EMR Consituency was held in Room 13B at GHC, Geneva. The participants were Dr Akmal Nasrat from Afghanistan, Dr Hossein Farshidi from Iran, Dr Omid Zamani (CFP) and Dr Chakroun, the board member. Dr Mohsen Asadi-lari (Alternate Board Member), Dr Sara Osman and Mr Hamad Hafiz from Pakistan participated virtually. Dr Yvan Hutin from WHO EMRO, Mr Elias AlAaraj (MENAHRA Director) and Dr Roy Wakim EMRC consultant were also participating and Mr Iftikhar Ali Shalwani joined later in Person. 

The agenda for next EMRC meeting was discussed in detail and the dates were adjsuted to accomodate for adequate discussion on proposed topics. Thus, 27-29 Feb was agreed upon as tentative dates and the admin work will start next week for inviting participants and guests.

The next agenda item was EMRC position statement which has been shared already with GF and the board, some comments were raised by Dr AsadiLari and Dr Sara Osman for inclusion in the verbal address at the baord. 

Another subject for discussion was the draft postions proposed by EMR as a joint statement by Implementers Group about countries in emergency situation including Palestine, Sudan, Afghanistan among others.

Further discussion was about improving cross-border and multicountry collaboration for health problems in the region including imact of reugees, migrants, climate change and more.



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