Implementers Group meeting ahead of BM50

The IMG pre-borad meeting took place in Geneva on Sunday, Nov 12, 2023. The discussions were about:

The purpose of this meeting includes:
a. Issues for BM: Bringing to the table the issues (from the papers for the BM) that we think are critical, need to be discussed, and if there is need for us to have a statement to the board. 
b. Report Presentation: To have a brief presentation on the report, "Progress and the Peril: HIV and the Global De/Criminalization of Same-Sex Sex"; and 
c. FGHIs: to discuss (in detail) the challenges surrounding the Global Health initiatives Report.
proposed revision to the STC Policy, and the report by Alastair White (FDCO)
e. Board Structure and proposals for change

EMR constituency presented a report on Countries with humanitarian Crises and the Impact on Catalytic Funding which sparkled a discussion among ImpG to draft a joined statement on the issue and further discuss during the board meeting.

Follow up discussions are planned for further discussion among constituencies.


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