Implementers Group Retreat

The IMG Retreat took place in Montenegro from the 5-7 October, 2023. The Agenda is based on the information gathered from the survey, sent to all IMG members.
Objectives of the meeting were:
To define the IMG and its ways of working
To set a clear path for the role and representative nature of the IMG
To engage in team building exercises to better know delegation members
To engage in information learning and knowledge management through Site Visits
It was an open, safe, inclusive environment to allow for full and meaningful engagement and participation, using a very interactive, participatory, inclusive approach to this Retreat. IMG leadership shared the facilitation with each delegation. There were opportunities for implementer group to learn about each other as individuals, as regions and also to learn more about ImpG work and the constituencies which we represent.

Dr Omid Zamani, EMR Constitency Focal Point participated on behalf of EMRC and presented the information about EMR constituency and participated in discussions about implementers group ways of working and other subjects on the agenda.

This retreat was a great venue for networking and coalition building. for example EMR and both African Constituencies had a side meeting about shaping a coalition at Board for different matters such as COE Policy revision, Transition and co-financing, replenishment and so on.

Follow up discussions are planned for further discussion among constituencies.


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