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Implementers' retreat held in Kandersteg, Switzerland

10 October 2015   09:27   news   1216 visit   0 comments

Representatives of implementers' bloc gathered in Kandersteg, Switzerland from 8 to 9 Oct 2015 to discuss about some important issues. Dr Ben Ammar, Dr Abdalla Ossman and Dr Takian attended this event on behalf of EMRC.

They discussed about communication strategy of the group, minimum needs for constituencies and Implementer Group to fulfil their role in Global Fund, explored the possibility of carrying forward unspent budget into the next year, endorsed proposal for Resource mobilisation to support the core function of the Implementer Group, Allocation methodology and transition.

The following statement will be shared with the Board:

"We the Implementers, cognisant of the significant unspent funds that are available in the bank that should be disbursed to countries, conscious of the Global Fund’s principle of saving lives, and impelled by our collective desire to achieve the end of the three diseases, we urge the Board to request the Global Fund Secretariat to accelerate the disbursement of those funds."

Dr Takian was also elected as a member of working group on Resource Mobilization.


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