Informal pre-Board discussion on Strategy Implementation

An informal pre-Board discussion on Strategy Implementation is being held on Sunday, 8 May 2022.

The session will be an important moment to hear an update from the Secretariat on the planning for implementation of the next strategy, provide ample time to constituency to raise relevant questions and engage closely with the Secretariat on these plans. It is important to
bear in mind that these plans will continue to evolve based upon Board input and continuing work on operational timelines to launch the 7th Replenishment cycle of grants.
Given the outcome of the 18th Strategy Committee meeting, the informal Pre-Board discussion on Strategy Implementation will also be an important moment to have a conversation on RSSH related matters, including progress challenges and strategy delivery.
This note provides an overview of the objectives and agenda for this session. 
1. Update, discussion, and comfort on Strategy implementation progress to date, and overview of next steps, upcoming decisions, and continued Board/SC engagement.
2. Question and answer session with Secretariat on Strategy delivery update around 10 key shifts including on roles, challenges and levers
3. Update and conversation on RSSH progress, challenges and strategy delivery (highlighted per SC request, other topics can/will be addressed through future SC and Board updates as part of regular oversight.)


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