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Let’s join hands to end the epidemics for good

16 October 2016   23:33   news   1469 visit   0 comments

His Excellency Dr Hassan Hashemi, Minster of Health and Medical Education, addressed the opening session of the second Technical and Consultative meeting of the Eastern Mediterranean Constituency at the Board of the Global Fund. 

This Meeting was attended by Mr. Norbert Hauser, the Chair of the Board of The Global Fund, Dr. Sameen Siddiqi, WHO Representative in Iran and a number of UN representatives.
During the speech H.E said: Perhaps the most important Indicator of Iran's commitment is its financial investment in its response especially for most-at-risk populations. More than ninety-five per cent of HIV expenditure is from domestic resources in Iran and this trend would be increased in the future. Malaria and TB are fully relying on national financing mechanisms. Yet, the Islamic Republic of Iran acknowledges the critical and strategic contribution of  international partners, notably the Global Fund, to the national HIV response, and hopes that the post-sanctions era will open the way further for transfer of the knowledge, technology and expertise. The role of charities, Non-Governmental Organizations and the private sector could be enhanced as well, because we can only end these epidemics for good, if we accelerate our efforts and continue to bring in new partners.
I hereby confirm that I.R Iran is stressing on and welcoming international collaboration for decreasing the costs of treatment, improving access to prevention, care and treatment, and universal health coverage to facilitate the achievement of 90-90-90 goals for HIV, eradication of Malaria and progress toward TB elimination."

He also tlaked about some challenges in the region: "The ultimate success of the global response, however, lies in effective leadership and collaboration at national, regional and international level. In the Middle East and North Africa, as we are tragically reminded every day that health is competing for attention and resources against more pressing issues including those raised by domestic and cross-border conflicts. There is a need for more comprehensive and effective approach to mitigating the risks and providing care and treatment services in such challenging operating environments."

Finally H.E declared that The Islamic Republic of Iran hereby avails itself of this opportunity to renew once again its commitment to help end these epidemics by 2030, and welcomes the prospect of greater scientific and programmatic collaborations that advances this highly important component of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). "Let’s join hands to end the epidemics for good."


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