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Rana Hajjeh from WHO EMRO talked about regional situation and priorities

17 October 2016   00:20   news   1083 visit   0 comments

At the first session of EMRC technical and consultative meeting Dr. Rana Hajjeh, Director of Communicable Diseases at WHO EMRO, talked about WHO priorities with regard to the situation of 3 diseases in the region.

For HIV, Regional priorities are:

•Revision of policies for HIV testing to cover high-risk rather than low-risk populations (except for testing of pregnant women)
•Development of strategies and service-delivery models to increase coverage of high-risk populations with prevention and care services and decentralization of services.
•Scale up HIV treatment
•Reinforce the role of civil society
For Tuberculosis regional priorities are:
•Improving tuberculosis detection and notification
•Scale up use of new TB diagnostics to improve detection of TB and MDR TB cases 
•Scaling up the management of MDR tuberculosis,
•Support implementation of  tuberculosis elimination initiative in low burden countries
Improving the management of tuberculosis in complex emergencies and among non-nationals/immigrants:
Regional priorities for Malria include:
•Intensification of malaria control in high transmission areas by ensuring universal coverage of vector control and case management interventions
•Achieving the goal of malaria elimination in low transmission areas, where elimination is feasible using district approach ,
•Support the 14 malaria free countries to prevent reintroduction of malaria and strengthen vigilance system to timely detect and properly manage imported cases
•Regional malaria action plan endorsed by RC 62 


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