The Global Fund recognizes Iran’s efforts as highly successful

In 2000, AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria together killed approximately 6 million people a year globally.  More than a decade later, significant progress has been made.  As of 2012, the number of deaths related to these three diseases had decreased by 40 percent.


Since 2005, the Government of Iran, the Global Fund and UNDP have been partnering in a programme to fight the three globally devastating diseases of our times.  So far, some US $100 million of the Global Fund grants have been mobilized to contribute to the implementation of the National Disease Control Strategic Plans.


Throughout the partnership, UNDP has served as the Principal Recipient of the Global Fund grants to ensure quality implementation of the disease control projects.  The projects are implemented through meticulously defined, result-oriented work planning and progress assessment procedures.  Desk reviews and on-site data verification measures are intrinsic parts of the process.


While the Tuberculosis programme was successfully completed in March 2014, the current HIV and Malaria projects will continue till 2018 and 2016, respectively.


The Global Fund, in its latest regular Progress Review of the two latter projects for the period 1 October 2014 – 31 March 2015, scored the project implementation of the HIV and Malaria projects respectively as “A1 (Exceeding Expectations)” and “A2 (Meet Expectation)” to mark another milestone successfully reached.


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