Workshop perceived as interesting, valuable and practical by the participants

An evaluation of the workshop made at the end showed that most of the participants considered it as interesting, valuable, challenging and practical. The content and logistics were evaluated well above 4 in a scale of 5. Session on governance, EMRC initiatives presentation, meals and accomodation were among top rated items. Some country case studies, time management and audiovisuals were among lower rated items.

Moreover, participants considered the following items as the most useful parts in order of frequency;

•Risk Management
•GF OBA/S presentations
•Inauguration/ opening remarks
•Common concerns / interaction between participants
•Experience sharing
•Transition strategies
•NSP / Financing
•Case studies from countries


They also considered it successful as the following comments convey: "Everything was new and excellent", "Excellent effort for capacity building", "Great initiatives including the website"

You can find attached a presentation of the evaluation results was shown on Thu Sep 10 by Dr Omid Zamani, the communication officer of EMRC.



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