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How can we change behavior to protect the planet? This nonprofit has an idea

SAN FRANCISCO — After refining its own methodology to leverage behavior change for conservation, Rare is launching a new initiative to help other organizations do the same. The international conservation organization — which works with local leaders to run “Pride Campaigns” that inspire community pride in sustainable resource management — is launching what it calls the Center for...

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A Tale of Two Sex Workers

Khadija Akinyi loves her job. For eight years, her work in Kisumu, Kenya, has put a roof over her head, fed her, clothed her, and helped her bring up a daughter. Her best friend, Dorah, shares the same profession, but not the same affinity for it. Most evenings, Khadija’s workplace is Kisumu’s dim red-light district, popularly known as the Beer Belt due to a high concentration of bars....

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CCM Eligibility Issue in Nepal

Nepal HIV/AIDS Alliance has sent a letter on 18 Jul 2017 to the Gobal Fund raising some issues on CCM eligibility and governance in Nepal. here is a copy. To The CCM Hub The Global Fund   Dear Sir/Madam,   Good Afternoon! The Since 2002, CCM Nepal has been working illegally violating the law of Nepal. We have approached the chairman of CCM and other governmental authorities several...

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HIV Prevention Through RISE Young Women's Clubs in South Africa   IN 2015 ALONE, 100,000 SOUTH AFRICAN GIRLS AGED 15-24 WERE INFECTED WITH HIV, COMPARED WITH 42,000 BOYS. REMOVE TEXT Soul City Institute for Social Justice created RISE Young Women's Clubs to help shrink these catastrophic numbers. Under a cloudless morning sky, a rowdy group of about 30 teenage girls gather at...

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Invest in Health

At a time of accelerating change, when the news cycle feels more like a cyclone, a historic meeting this weekend could be overlooked. It shouldn’t be. The health ministers of G20 countries are gathering for the first time – a clear indication of the role of health in global development agenda. The G20 has identified three pillars of that development agenda: building resilience, improving...

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EMRC Team at the 37th Board Meeting in Kigali

The team from EMRC included Dr Sajid Ahmad (pakistan), Dr Sarah Saafi (Afghanistan), Dr Adam Osmaan (Somalia) together with Dr Omid Zamani (CFP) and Dr Thamer Al-Hilfi (Designated ABM). Attending implementers group meeting on 1st of May which included election of new Board Chair was the first activity of the group. Final decision of Imp Group was in line with EMRC position. The team also...