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14 May 2023   1055 visit

EMRC pre-board BM49 meeting

14 May 2023
The pre-board meeting of EMR Consituency was held in Business Center Room at Melia Hotel, Hanoi. The participants were Dr Hafiz Hammad Murtaza from Pakistan, Dr Omid Zamani and Dr Chakroun, the...
14 May 2023   1054 visit

Implementers Group meeting ahead of BM49

14 May 2023
Implementers Group gathered on 7th May in Hanoi to discuss a joint statement and prepare for the side meeting on Challenging Operating Environments whic was schedeuled for the next day as part of...
13 January 2019   3295 visit

EMRC Election is underway

13 January 2019
The extended deadline has passed for the call for nomination of candidates for the election of EMRC's new board member and alternate, Even after the second extension we have only two candidacy...
28 December 2017   3245 visit

Malaria Advocacy Videoclip

28 December 2017
45% of the population of our region is living in areas with risk of local malaria transmission. Invest to end the epidemic by 2030