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Dr. Mohammad Mehdi Gouya EMRC's focal point in Iran

  • name: Dr. Mohammad Mehdi Gouya
  • country: Iran
  • Organization: MoHME
  • post: Director General -CCDC
  • email: mgouya57 at
  • information:

    Dr Gouya is Director-General of Communicable Diseases, Centre for Diseases Control and Prevention, Ministry of Health, Islamic Republic of Iran.

    Dr Gouya graduated from Iran Medical University in 1981 and started his professional career as a General Practitioner, working mostly out of rural areas. He also worked as District Health Manager, Director of Provincial Disease Control and Head of Provincial HealthCentre in Teheran Province.

    Since 2000, Dr Gouya has been Director-General of the Iranian Centre for Communicable Diseases.

    As a MD MPH infectious disease specialist and member of the Academic Board of Iran University of Medical Sciences, Dr Gouya has published many papers and has served in many positions at WHO EMRO and WHO HQ.

    He has been a member of CCM in Iran since 2003 and has been elected as the vice-chair of CCM in 2014.