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Najibullah Safi EMRC's focal point in Afghanistan

  • name: Najibullah Safi
  • country: Afghanistan
  • Organization: MoPH
  • post: CCM member
  • email: najibullah.safi @
  • information:
    • name: Najibullah Safi
    • country: Afghanistan
    • Organization: MoPH
    • post: Director General Preventive Medicines, MoPH Afghanistan
    • Chair of CCM Executive Committee
    • email:
    • information:


    • Doctorate in Management Studies, Indian School of Business Management and Administration, Sep 2013
    • Diploma in Malaria Program Planning and Management, Regional Training Centre of WHO Bandar Abbas-Iran, 2007
    • MSc. in Health Policy and Management, Aga Khan University, Karachi-Pakistan, 2006
    • Medical Doctor, Kabul Medical University, 1998


    • Director General Preventive Medicines, MoPH Afghanistan, May 2015 – Present
    • Nov 2010 – May 2015, Team Leader – Health System, WHO Country Office, Afghanistan
    • May 2010 – October 2014 National Program Officer - Health System, WHO Country Office, Afghanistan
    • August 2007 - April 2010 National Malaria and Leishmaniasis Control Program Manager, MoPH Afghanistan
    • 2006 National Program Officer, RBM Officer, WHO Afghanistan
    • 2004 Provincial Training Coordinator IbnSina
    • 1999 Medical officer, ENT department of the Academy of Medical Sciences


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    • Najibullah Safi, Syed Israr, Junita Hatcher. “Contracting-out of Primary Health Care Services in Afghanistan”. 2010. (ISBN 978-3-639-22752-9)


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